EXPLORE Youth Mobilisation Fund – #GenEndIt


Every action counts.

Your ideas will be the change and can form part of the journey to end AIDS by 2030. The time is now; join us as #GenEndIt and take action.

What is the fund?

Introducing the GenEndIt Youth Mobilisation Fund to support specific campaigning activities led by HIV and AIDS focussed youth organisations, networks and movements.

Small flexible grants of between 200 GBP and 1000 GBP will be made available to young people to lead specific campaigning activities in their communities. Funded activity objectives can include strengthening and inspiring collective action, urging governments to take action and prioritise HIV in their international cooperation, particularly with support for youth-led HIV responses.

The fund is developed by the GenEndIt Steering Group and supported by Restless Development; young people created the HIV Youth Mobilisation Funds to advocate and make AIDS history.


You’re a changemaker - you are under the age of 30 and work with young people.

You can apply of you are...

We cannot accept applications from…

There are also a number of things that we can and can’t fund, have a read below for more information:

We can fund

We can't fund

Still want to apply?

Do read and make yourself aware of Restless Development’s safeguarding policies and our reporting mechanisms before filling in the form and pressing send.

Application deadline 23 June, 2023. You will be notified by 7 July.

The Process and Your Support as a successful GenEndIt Youth Mobilisation Fund grantee

Alongside the funds, GenEndIt are committed to support you in your journey and we will also be offering successful applicants:

Ready to Apply?

Application Form

Thanks for being here – you are one of us. You’re creating change and driving progress for a world without AIDS by 2030. We understand that shifting the course of history comes at a price and want to help.

We encourage applications that are new and innovative alongside those that strengthen and inspire collective action nationally and globally.

We welcome applications for activities that are leading collaboration, conversation, awareness, youth engagement or generate public support. Whether directed towards community action or urging governments to take action and prioritise HIV, please do apply.

If this is still you, fill out the GenEndIt Youth Mobilisation Fund form below:

If you have any questions or would like to submit a video(s) as part 2 of your application, please email it to:

Please provide us with a simple and approximate overview budget and breakdown of how you would use the funds. This would include a breakdown on specific activities e.g. one off event venue: 100 GBP .
  • Equipment
  • One off events (e.g. venue hire and refreshments)
  • Volunteer expenses
  • Communications materials (e.g. flyers, social media advertising)
  • Transport
  • Training Costs

Your application has been sent successfully. Thanks for taking action as part of GenEndIt, we'll be in touch soon.