We’re #GenEndIt – a global movement of young people taking on the world to end AIDS by 2030, and to reach our big ambitions – our unified identity in solidarity is important and part of this.

Not taking away from any organisation or movement you’re taking action for, using the branding and design of #GenEndIt in conjunction and in collaboration with all partners. This unites us globally and reflects our beliefs, personality and values. It communicates what we’re fighting for and taking action to achieve.

Colour palette in RGB

Red: 236, 28, 36
Yellow: 247, 236, 43
Blue: 0, 174, 239


Dimensions: 2122 x 636
(png 42KB)

Cross Design Asset

Colours: blue, red, yellow, black and white
Dimensions: 1812 x 1813
(zip 155KB)

Social Media Templates

Colours: blue, red and yellow
Dimensions: 1080 x 1080
(zip 18KB)

Social Media Frames

Dimensions: 2259 x 2259
(zip 1.2MB)

Social Media Posts

Dimensions: 2259 x 2259
(zip 1.2MB)