Who we are

#GenEndIt is a movement connecting young people. It creates bonds between individuals, campaigners, organisations, civil societies and the U.N. It is led and shaped by young people, spearheaded by the Steering Group and has formally supported young leaders in their campaigns and activism through a Global Ambassadors programme and global project activity through the Youth Mobilisation Fund.

Meet the young leaders and see how they are changing their communities and our world

Steering Group

The committee guides the direction and activities undertaken by #GenEndIt. These young global leaders, activists, and mobilisers are the decision-makers on the movement's focus and are supported in their own development and growth.
Meet the steering group

Youth Ambassadors

This collective of young people is taking action worldwide and is united through #GenEndIt. As Youth Ambassadors, they are leaders committed to making AIDS history and creating the world they want to see, learning from each other, collaborating and sharing their activities, successes and challenges.
Meet the Youth Ambassadors

Youth Mobilisation Fund Leaders

The #GenEndIt Youth Mobilisation Fund supports specific campaigning activities led by young HIV and AIDS change makers, focussed on youth organisations, networks and movements. The fund awards small flexible grants for their advocacy and activities to make AIDS history. The fund was conceived by the Steering Group and supported by Restless Development.
Meet the Youth Mobilsation Fund Leaders

Coalition Members

Coalition members bring their expertise and guidance to support the #GenEndIt movement. Stronger together to end AIDS by 2030.
Meet the Coalition Members
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