Bright Corners – The Youth-Led Revolution Tackling HIV in Tamil Nadu’s Slums

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Project Date: Oct – Dec 2023

You don’t know what you don’t know, but now, led by P.Jai from SHED India and a group of young leaders, thousands of people are informed about HIV testing, treatments and prevention methods in the Thanjavur Corporation Area, Tamil Nadu. 

Combining evidence, science and fun: SHED India trained a cohort of 40 youth volunteers, and these individuals became the drivers of an awareness-raising campaign across ten slums in the Thanjavur City Corporation area.

These peer educators used pamphlets and put up posters in the slums about HIV, as well as running door-to-door activities to talk to people in their homes. The focus was on creating awareness of HIV/AIDS testing, treatments, counselling and prevention methods. This is GenEndIt in action and driving change.

The Impact: This awareness campaign reached 20,000 people in the Thanjavur Corporation Area through street corner meetings, door-to-door campaigns, stickers and pamphlets. People generally welcomed and commended the young volunteers for taking action and making them aware of the infections. A separate 10,000 were reached through the information and education sticker campaign. The campaign activity took place in December 2023.