We are

the Generation

to make AIDS history

We are #GenEndIt.

We know there’s been great change in treatment, education and numbers of transmissions over the past decades, but the struggle is real and we know young people are living the harsh reality of stigma, isolation, bullying, lack of information, education and access to treatment(s) all of which are making life hard and mental health challenges spiral.

Living with HIV and AIDS continues to affect young people world wide. Every week, 4000 adolescent girls and young women aged 15–24 years become infected with HIV globally.*

We can be the difference in this on-going story. It takes a village… and this is what we’re creating. We are Generation that will end the transmission of AIDS through actions. It is possible.

AIDS-related deaths have been reduced by 69% since the peak in 2004 and by 51% since 2010. This will not change without all of our deliberate actions, plus making sure that our voices are at the tables where decisions are being made for our health and well-being.

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You already belong and are #GenEndIt if

From any corner of the world, background, identity, you are welcome as part of GenEndIt and belong if you:
  • Want to learn more about HIV and AIDS
  • Are searching for a space to learn and ask questions
  • Want to join young people from around the world taking action
  • Are committed to making AIDS history
  • Are taking charge of your future and creating the world you want to live in
  • Have had enough of the status quo
  • Want to laugh, cry and be with those who might understand
  • Want to connect with others and create a community who will hear you out and understand.
  • Are ready and eager to share and create events, stories, experiences
  • Want to share info, tips and things not to do for impact and change
  • Want to learn together
  • Want to take on stigma, smash stereotypes and end discrimination.
  • Want ideas on what can be done and are ready to take a step to End AIDS by 2030.